Maintenance FAQs

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions (FAQ's) presented to us by school personnel. We hope this page will be helpful to you. If you don't find an answer to your question, please feel free to call us at Ext. 6185. Or you may e-mail any of us in the Maintenance Department if you don't need an immediate answer. We will continue to revise this page as needed so check back periodically.

Also, the A/V Department is now a part of Information Systems, all requests involving Telephones, Fax machine lines, Copiers, Printers, Computers, Alarm Systems, Bell schedules, and other Audio Visual related items should be sent directly to the A/V Department.

A: Yes. All emergency work order requests need to be entered in the system even though they were called in.

A: You can either enter a work order and Maintenance will deliver it or the school custodian can pick up the paper towel holder from our Maintenance warehouse. The custodian is responsible for installing the paper towel holder.

A: No. However, if you have a problem with termites, enter a work order. If the work order is approved by the Director, the Maintenance Department will arrange to have an outside exterminator contact your school to schedule an extermination appointment.

A: Yes. Enter a work order for your sign request. Maintenance can make and install many of the sign requests we receive. If we can't make the sign, we will order one for you from an outside vendor.

A: No. Phone requests should be limited to emergency work orders only.

A: Use the closest code you can find to match your problem. If nothing remotely matches your problem, use the General Maintenance code. (We are working on revising our work order codes as time allows.)

A: Replacement bulbs for the new lighting fixtures should be ordered from the District's store catalogue. The school should submit a store requisition to the District warehouse. The school custodian is responsible for replacing the bulbs.

A: Any projects that require the assistance of MOT personnel to change or modify the original conditions of buildings, classrooms, libraries, locker rooms, gyms, walkways, entryways, playgrounds and/or common areas will require written approval from the appropriate Assistant Superintendent of K-6 Services, Assistant Superintendent of 7-12 Services, and Assistant Superintendent of Business Services prior to the start of the projects. Examples of site modification projects are as follows: installing walkway ramps, modifying classroom walls, and doors, installing projectors, and building office partitions. Installing new outlets, light switches, and lights. New concrete pathways, gardens, quad and field modifications.

A: No. You may only have a master key made to replace a lost, stolen or broken master key unless you get permission from the M&O Director.

A: First, check the work order to see if it has been closed out. If it has been closed out, the dollar amount will be on the work order. If the work order is still open, we can only give you an estimated dollar amount.

A: The school needs to purchase traps for mice or rats. If there is structural damage to the building due to the rodents, put in a work order and we will check and repair the damage if necessary. If the traps do not get rid of the rodents, you may enter a W/O and Maintenance will contact an outside exterminator.

A: We have a contract for bi-monthly gopher extermination at GGUSD sites. You do not need to enter a work order.

A: No. First call Maintenance for an emergency work order request. We will dispatch a Plumber or HVAC Technician to check the problem. The maintenance person will determine if it is something we can repair or if the Gas Company should be notified.

A: Please refer to the Grounds Department section of the web site. Mowing and gardening crew schedules are posted there.

A: An authorized person (Principal or Supervisors) must send an e-mail to
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