Welcome to Garden Grove Unified School District’s Records Office. Here you will find instructions on how to go about obtaining your student records, transcripts, immunization records, special education records, ordering of diplomas, and letters verifying attendance and graduation. For employers, you will find instructions on how to request for verification of school attendance and graduation.

For further information, please send questions to Records: records@ggusd.us

Records Policy

All requests must be submitted in writing. Proper government-issued picture identification is required. If you have changed your name since attending our schools, you must show legal documentation of both name changes, other than through marriage. Acceptable legal documentation of name changes can be a copy of a Naturalization Certificate (front and back sides) or a Court document stating the name changed, or a statement from the Social Security Office confirming to the use of both names.

All responses to records requests are mailed. We do not fax records. Records may be picked up, and you must show valid government-issued picture identification. Processing time for records requests is approximately one week.

Adults (former students) must request their own transcripts. In order to comply with the privacy laws, proof of identification is required.

Parents may request only their child’s transcript be mailed directly from the Records Office to a college or school. This is the only exception.



Read the Records Policy and Fee Schedule and download the request form. Fill out the form completely; send a photo copy of your driver’s license and the appropriate fee for the records you are requesting. Fees must be paid by cash, money order, or cashier’s check. No personal checks will be accepted.


Employers and Education Verification

Your written request for records must be accompanied by a handwritten signed Authorization along with a $5.00 fee, payable to Garden Grove Unified School District. Written requests must include the student’s name, student’s maiden name if applicable, date of birth, social security number, name of school attended, and approximate year(s) of attendance. Processing time is approximately one week.

Please send requests to:

Garden Grove Unified School District
Attn: Records Office
10331 Stanford Ave.
Garden Grove, CA 92840

Before filling out the request form please read the instructions and the fee schedule.


Transcripts/Student Records

Transcripts/Student Records may be requested directly at the school site if it has been less than 5 years since the last day of attendance. If it has been more than 5, a written request will have to be made at the District Records Office.


Official transcripts

Official transcripts may be mailed directly to a college, employer, or requesting agency from the Records Office.


GED Test Results

GED Test Results from 1971 – 2010 can be obtained from the California State Department of Education via the website at www.gedtestingservice.com or call 1-866-895-8860.



Diplomas can be special ordered from the District Records Office. Only you can request your diploma. Your diplomas cannot be sent to anyone but yourself. Please allow 4-6 weeks for delivery. We can no longer order diplomas for Lake & Mendenhall high schools.


Special Education Records

Adults over 18 must request their own special records. Proof of identification is required. No one else can request your records unless they have a court order showing legal guardianship.


Fee Schedule

School Records/Transcripts $5.00
Immunization Record $3.00
Special Education Records $5.00
Letter of Verification $5.00
Education Verification $5.00
Diploma Replacement $30.00