Construction Maintenance

Supervisor: Dave Schmidt
Phone: (714) 663-6136

Services provided:

  • Asphalt and asphalt repair (including slurry coating).
  • Concrete and concrete repair.
  • Parking lot maintenance (not including striping).
  • Fence maintenance and repair.
  • Gate maintenance and repair.
  • Playground maintenance and repair (including surfaces beneath the equipment).
  • Field welding (done on site).

The construction crew consists of Construction Maintenance Workers and a Welder. We handle a large variety of items and repairs to the ground structures including asphalt and concrete installation, repair, and patching. This also includes parking lots, sidewalks, playgrounds, and grinding of uneven concrete surfaces.

We also maintain, fabricate and repair all types of gates from the small pedestrian gates all the way up to the large gates accessing the parking lots and athletic fields.

We assist in maintaining the playground equipment and surfaces, including but not limited to swings, slides, basketball poles, volleyball poles, and tetherball poles.