Grounds Maintenance

For questions regarding general grounds and sports field maintenance contact:
Supervisor: Marcos Ramirez
Phone: (714) 663-6441

For questions regarding irrigation and trees contact:
Supervisor: Tim Sullivan
Phone: (714) 663-6441

Services Provided:

  • Sports field maintenance
  • Planting, trimming, and maintenance of trees, plants, grass, and shrubs
  • Maintain, design, service, and installation of irrigation systems
  • Maintain, service, and provide annual certification of backflow devices
  • Field renovations including: aerating, roto-tilling, re-seeding, and fertilizing
  • Skip loader, backhoe, and trench work
  • Repairs to grounds and custodial equipment
  • Pest and weed control

Grounds Department Positions:

  • Groundskeeper/Gardener
  • Grounds Equipment Mechanic
  • Grounds Equipment Operator I
  • Grounds Equipment Operator II
  • Lead Groundskeeper/Gardener
  • Pest Control Technician
  • Sprinkler Repair Technician I
  • Sprinkler Repair Technician II
  • Tree Trimmer

The Grounds Maintenance Department provides the maintenance and upkeep of the grounds and athletic fields for all district facilities, including the new stadiums with artificial turf and track maintenance. The department is responsible for general grounds maintenance along with the sport fields renovations and refurbishment which may include aeration, roto-tilling, re-seeding, verticutting, and fertilization. The department is also responsible for planting, trimming, and/or removing trees, plants, shrubs, and grass, as well as maintaining the increasing drought tolerant landscaping. We also design, install, and repair the district irrigation systems. Additionally, our department maintains the backflow prevention valves and performs an annual certification of the valves. The department also maintains an integrated pest management system for all district sites which includes weed and pest control.