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Classified Application, Testing, and Hiring Process:

1. Application Overview

  • Read the job posting thoroughly to determine whether you meet the requirements of the job and if you are willing and able to perform the essential duties of the position.
  • Applications are screened by the Personnel Services department. The Education and Experience sections of your application must show that you meet the education and experience requirements listed on the job posting. If you do not meet the requirements, your application will be screened out and you will receive a notice that describes which requirement you did not meet. Also check to see if there is a special license or certificate requirement listed for the job on the posting.
  • If there are Supplemental Questions attached to the application, you must answer those questions thoroughly. The Supplemental Questions allow you to provide more detail on how you meet the requirements of the job. They are in addition to the information you put in your work history section, they are not a substitute. You cannot attach a resume in lieu of answering the questions. If you do not answer the supplemental questions, your application will be considered incomplete and screened out by the Personnel Services staff.
  • All of the information requested on the application is required so that the Personnel Services staff can determine that you meet all of the requirements to be screened into the recruitment process. If your application is incomplete in any way, your application will be screened out.
  • You may call the Personnel Services staff any time during the application filing period to ask for help on your application. However, once the application filing deadline has passed, the Personnel Service staff is no longer able to help you on the application and you will not be able to add any additional information.

2. Exam Process

  • Those applicants that pass the application screening will be invited to the exam process for the recruitment. There are three types of exams that may be required: Multiple Choice Exams, Performance Exams, and/or Oral Rating Exams. The exams are all related to the specific job for which you are applying and the types of testing can vary depending on the skills needed.
  • Multiple Choice Exam: This type of exam tests the candidates’ general knowledge about the job. Each question has four answer choices and the candidate has to pick the correct one. There are no study guides for these exams, but it is recommended that candidates thoroughly read the essential duties, knowledge, and abilities listed on the job posting since all exams are based on this information.
  • Performance Exam: This type of exam requires the candidate to perform an actual function of the job. Examples of these types of exams are computer exams, skilled trade exams, role play exams, etc. Performance exams are graded by two subject matter experts.
  • Oral Rating Exam: This type of exam requires the candidate to answer questions that are asked by a panel of at least two subject matter experts (raters) that read the same questions for each candidate and grade the candidate based on their responses (the raters are only allowed to read what is on the exam and they are given a grading rubric).

3. Eligibility List

  • After all exams are taken, one final score is calculated for the entire exam process and all candidates are placed on an eligibility list in rank order of highest score to lowest score.
  • If a candidate is a veteran and meets the requirements listed on the recruitment bulletin, five points will be added to their overall score. Permanent GGUSD employees who are eligible and competing in a recruitment that has been opened to the public will have an additional five points added to their overall score.
  • Eligibility lists are usually kept for one year and are used to fill any vacancies that become available within that year.

4. Selection Interviews

  • When there is a vacancy, the department hiring authority will hold selection interviews with candidates from the eligibility list. Per the California Education Code for Merit System Districts, the hiring authority is only able to interview from among the top three ranks of the eligibility list. Once they have made their selection, those candidates who were not selected remain on the eligibility list and will be eligible for a selection interview once the next vacancy becomes available.