ALL MEDICAL PLANS: Live Health Online

If you feel ill and suspect you may have COVID-19, please seek medical attention. Our Live Health Online (LHO) program provides a virtual doctor’s visit, is available 24 hours a day to members enrolled in any of our medical plans.

CVS Caremark is the pharmacy benefits manager for our self-insured PPO/EPO plans.  You may check participating pharmacies at the link above by copying and pasting the link into the Chrome Internet browser. (This function may not work with Internet Explorer.) 

You may call 800-776-1355 (24/7) for information about how your medication is covered.

Click here to access PPO/EPO prescription drug formulary and click here to access the specialty pharmacy drug list.
Please note the formulary lists can change during the year and the most current are available to members through the CVS Caremark member login here.

The lists represent brand-name products in CAPS, branded generics in upper- and lowercase Italics, and generic products in lowercase italics.

MEDICAL PPO/EPO: Third Party Administrator from 1/1/2022: HealthNow (HNAS)
HealthNow is now the third party administrator for our self-insured PPO/EPO plans. You may contact HealthNow regarding benefits, eligibility, claims, and ordering new ID cards.  Use the above link to register a member account to view your Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statements, check deductible and out-of-pocket maximum balances, find a provider and more.  FAQs / Telephone: 855-539-0020 

Provider Search: Blue Cross PPO (Prudent Buyer)-Large Group Network Search

MEDICAL: PPO/EPO Third Party Administrator through 12/31/21: EBA&M
EBA&M was the third party administrator for our self-insured PPO/EPO plans through 12/31/21. 


MEDICAL HMO: Anthem Blue Cross
Use the above link to locate a provider who participates in the Anthem Select HMO network. You will need a referral from your Primary Care Physician to see most Specialists. Telephone: 833-913-2236.

Anthem Web Registration

Click here to access the most current HMO prescription formulary list; GGUSD employees use "National Drug List 3-Tier" prescription formulary list. Call 833-261-2460 for assistance with prescriptions. 

Guardian is the administrator for our self-insured dental plan using the Guardian DentalGuard Preferred PPO network; use the above link to see an online listing of in-network dental providers, order cards, view EOBs and more. Contact Guardian for assistance at 800-541-7846.

DENTAL HMO: United Concordia
For our United Concordia Dental, use the above link to find a provider in the DHMO Concordia Plus network. You will need a referral from your General Dentist to see Specialists under this plan. Telephone: 866-357-3304.

Vision Service Plan
VSP is the vision service provider for all of our members. Use the above link to find a Signature Network provider in your area. Register as a user and log-in to this website to determine when you are next eligible for services. Telephone: 800-877-7195.

Transparency in Coverage
All self-insure plans are to comply with Federal Regulations with regards to transparency as of 7/1/22.

FSA: iGOE Administrative Services 

iGOE Administrative Services is our Flexible Spending Account plan provider: 800-633-8818 option 1 / 

Information booklets and enrollment forms are available on this site and in the Insurance Office. To put aside pre-tax payroll funds, employees must sign-up or re-enroll during Open Enrollment each year.

Those enrolled may create a user account online:
Employee ID: 72000XXXXX (your 10 digit GGUSD employee ID number)

The Official U.S. Government Site for Medicare

United States Department of Labor
This site contains the latest information about COBRA and the Affordable Care Act.