K-6 Homework Tips

Scholars are Prepared and Organized!
Use a homework planner or agenda to keep track of your assignments and other activities.

  1. Take the planner to and from school with you every day!
  2. Each day when your teacher gives you your homework assignments, record them and their due dates in your planner.
  3. Be specific. Don't just write "Social Studies" or "Math.” Indicate the pages to be read or assignment to be completed.
  4. Before leaving school, make sure you understand the homework assignment and double check that you are taking home any books or materials you will need.
  5. Do your homework at a scheduled time each day.
  6. Check off completed assignments in your planner as you complete them, and return the assignment to your folder to take back to school.
  7. You, your parent, and/or your teacher may write notes to one another regarding your progress or cooperation in doing your schoolwork.