School Safety Video from the Superintendent

Friday, April 30, 2021

Dear Parents, Students and Staff,

As you know, all Garden Grove Unified School District schools are open for in-person instruction and in the fall, we will return to 5 FULL days of in-person instruction for all students!

GGUSD will not be able to continue offering a school-based distance learning option next school year. To those families with children who remain at home on distance learning since last year – we strongly urge you to contact your schools for options to come back to school now and see for yourself how school is the safest place for your children to be and the best place to learn!

Please take a moment to watch this video from Superintendent Dr. Gabriela Mafi to learn more about the importance and safety of in-person instruction! Click here for the video.

Since reopening for in-person instruction, we have seen first-hand the effectiveness of our COVID-19 prevention efforts! Our health and safety protocols are working to keep our students healthy and well! COVID-19 cases are low and isolated and there has been NO on-campus spread of COVID-19.

Families wishing to continue with a distance learning model may apply for our Virtual Learning Academy now through May 21. Space is limited and depending on interest, an interview process may be implemented. It’s important to understand that while the Virtual Learning Academy will provide on-site tutoring and support, VLA students will not have the opportunity to participate in any school-based Visual and Performing Arts programs, athletic teams, clubs or school-based extracurricular activities that enrich the educational experience of our students.  School is the best place for students to learn to gain the academic and social-emotional benefits of face to face instruction! Click here to learn more about the Virtual Learning Academy application process. 

Thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to support the academic and personal needs of ALL students.