Patton Elementary School Wins $25,000 for New Technology

Patton Elementary School Principal Jennifer Carter, California State Treasuer Fiona Ma, and Patton Assistant Principal Julie Kawai pose for a photo after a school-wide assembly in which students duck-taped their principals to a wall as a prize for winning a $25,000 state grant for new technology.

California State Treasurer Fiona Ma visited Patton Elementary School last week to present the school with a $25,000 check for new technology.  After the check presentation, Treasurer Ma joined with the school’s staff and approximately 950 students to duck tape Patton Principal Jennifer Carter and Assistant Principal Julie Kawai to the wall. 

Patton Elementary School was one of only three schools across California to receive an oversized check for $25,000 as part of the Treasurer’s 2019 Scholar Dollar Program.  The school-wide duck-taping event was promised to students for winning the competition.  Scholar Dollar Program winners are selected based off the number of online votes they receive.  Patton received an impressive 14,512 votes, more than any California school that participated in the competition.    

“The district is grateful to the State Treasurer’s Office for providing this creative funding avenue that is enriching classroom experiences across California,” said Teri Rocco, board of education vice president.  “We know that when you put technology in the hands of our students, it takes learning to a higher level and inspires deeper understanding than a text book can provide.”