La Quinta High School Students Excel at Cutting-Edge eSport Competition

Nearly 125 La Quinta High School students competed in a cutting-edge eSport tournament held at the school last week.  The winning team from La Quinta will go on to compete at a California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) sponsored eSport tournament on November 11 at the University of California, Irvine.

“It is exciting to see CIF expand its reach and sponsor this new genre of eSports, which continue to gain popularity from young people across the nation,” said Denise Halstead, La Quinta High School principal.  “The high school experience is evolving by the day and we are committed to offering students so many new and different opportunities to get involved.” 

La Quinta’s League of Legends video game competition attracted 25 teams of 100 students with Team Rizette taking first place.  Students on the winning team who will compete at UCI include Mikey Nguyen, Louis Le, Randy Chung, William Le, and Brandan Tran.

The school’s classrooms, cafeteria and multipurpose room on any of the given nights were filled with students watching a live broadcast of the competition.