Parent Education Classes

10 Education Commandments for Parents
The 10 Education Commandments for Parents is a program that consists of 10 informative lessons to assist parents in understanding the U.S. school system so that they can better help their children prepare for their future.  Lessons in the program include: understanding the grading system, how parents can support learning in the home, extra-curricular activities, high school graduation, scholarships and college admission requirements.

40 Developmental Assets
The 40 Developmental Assets is a training program designed to help parents intentionally build Developmental Assets with their children. These assets are defined as positive experiences and qualities that all of us have the power to bring into the lives of children. This program will help parents and caregivers learn how to equip their children to make healthy choices and avoid a wide range of high-risk behaviors. An example of these assets would be positive family communication. Participants attending this program will learn about the assets and develop strategies to build specific assets and enhance their relationship with their child.

Parent Expectations Support Achievement (PESA)
PESA or Parent Expectations Support Achievement is a parent education program based on research showing that parents' expectations are the greatest predictor of their children's educational success.  This program is modeled after the highly successful program called TESA (Teacher Expectations Student Achievement), which was offered to GGUSD teachers. The program teaches techniques to help raise a child's academic performance, improve communication with the family and enhance self-confidence.​