Expectations for Student Behavior during Distance Learning

GGUSD believes in supporting the safe and responsible use of all online and digital technologies for teaching and learning. During this period of distance learning, all students are responsible for continuing to practice positive digital citizenship by protecting and respecting their peers and teachers. We all must understand, practice, and model positive and productive behaviors when we are online. Because a remote learning environment is still a classroom, school behavior norms and rules are to be followed just as expected in the regular educational setting/classroom.

Be Respectful

  • Choose a distraction-free workspace and be mindful about keeping distractions to a minimum, remembering that everyone can see you.
  • Make respectful comments, showing respect for all cultures, opinions, and viewpoints.
  • THINK before posting, always using appropriate language in all electronic communications, including, email, social media posts, audio recordings, and/or video conferencing.
  • If you would like to speak or answer a question, use the on-line class participation features (e.g., Raise Hand feature in Zoom), then un-mute yourself after you are called on by your teacher.
  • Displaying or sharing material that is hate speech, sexually explicit, or violent will not be tolerated.
  • Bullying in any form, including cyber bullying, will not be tolerated.
  • Sending discriminatory or harassing digital communications will not be tolerated.

Be Responsible

  • Just as students are required to be on time and present at school, students are expected to be on time and virtually present via video and audio.
  • Have materials ready.
  • Use the chat feature to contribute and show engagement.
  • Help others who might need assistance.
  • Look into the camera and show SLANT (Sit up, Lean in, Ask questions, Nod, Track your teacher).
  • Wear appropriate clothing following your school dress code while on video conferencing.

Be Safe

  • Practicing cyber safety includes not making your profile public, not speaking to strangers, not sharing personal information, and not sharing your camera or photos.
  • If you would like to use a chat feature, remember that it is public, and a record of the chat can be saved.
  • Follow all GGUSD Technology Use Guidelines (Administrative Regulation 6143.1).
  • Audio or video-recording with any technology (i.e., cellphones, cameras, recorders and/or computer features) is prohibited unless there is prior approval from everyone involved as per California Education Code 51512.

GGUSD is committed to the maintenance of a safe and orderly learning environment. In order to ensure student success, the district recognizes that the same practices used in physical classrooms can be used to create safe, predictable, and positive online learning environments. Bullying, explicit or discriminatory (including hate and bias) language or actions will not be tolerated. Any student violating district or school-wide behavior expectations shall be subject to appropriate disciplinary action.