Dual language immersion programs are a way for students to learn academic content (Math, Science, Social Studies, English) while also learning to speak, read and write in another language.

Dual language students outperform their peers in English-only programs. Students in dual immersion programs have high levels of self-esteem, high academic competence and motivation. Students are better prepared for the global job market where a second language gives them a competitive edge!

In a dual language immersion program, students are taught the same curriculum as their peers in English-only schools and are expected to meet the same state standards as all other students in the district. Classes of students will remain together throughout the program, which encourages deep friendships and provides stability.

Students and parents do NOT have to be bilingual to be successful in the program. This program is designed for three types of students:

  1. English Learners whose home language is Spanish
  2. Bilingual students who speak Spanish and English
  3. English proficient students